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bold - can be disabled
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Extra feauters

Data field has settings which can be accessed in mobile app.
Unlock code is required to unlock them.
Unlock code costs 5USD:

Avaiable features:

Default settings are same as in versions before 1.1.0.

How to install and enable HikeField

  1. Install field
    1.1. Enter activities & App Management
    1.2. Seleft Data Fields
    step 1step  2
    1.3. Select Get More Data Fields
    1.4. Search for HikeField
    step 3step 4
    1.5. Download it
    1.6. Synchronize with watch
  2. Enable HikeField
    2.1. Select activity where you want to add data field
    2.2. Enter activity’s settings
    step 1step 2
    2.3. Enter Data Screens
    2.4. Add new (or edit existing)
    step 3step 4
    2.5. Select Custom Data
    2.6. As layout choose 1 field
    step 5step 6
    2.7. Select ConnectIQ fields
    2.8. Select HikeField
    step 7step 8
  3. (Optional) Unlock extra features
    3.1 Donate $5 (or more ;)):
    3.2 Enter HikeField’s settings
    3.3 Send Device Identifier to me
    step 1step 2
    3.4 Enter received unlock code
    3.5 Set up HikeField as you wish